Anatomy of a Great Safety Card

Safety card image
Airline Safety card image

1Colorful, attention-getting drawings. Did you know that colored images are understood better and remembered longer than B&W images?

2Concise sequential instructions that flow and make sense. We always design from the viewpoint of the inexperienced passenger.

3Internationally accepted symbols supported with a text explanation. Symbology is not readily understood like other pictorial instructions and must be learned.

4Like sections are clearly defined. You know where instructions begin and end. Individual drawing are framed allowing for easy enlargements of important details.

5Color coded cover with large aircraft designation to help prevent you from being fined for placing cards on the wrong aircraft type.

6Copyrighted © by Aero Safety Graphics Inc. All our drawings are original and made in-house. We have kept our clients from unnecessary lawsuits for over 30 years.

A three panel fold allows for larger drawings and adds rigidity to the card reducing unwanted bending. Lamination is also available.

Sturdy 12pt (low carbon footprint) FSC certificated paper stock with 10% post consumer waste. Printed with low VOC vegetable based inks.